What your business needs from your accounting partner

Being in business ourselves, we understand the ever-changing needs and demands that your growing enterprise, start-up company or even your business idea will require of you. Our team is there to provide support, provide our expertise and work with you to meet the demands, requirements and achieve your strategic goals for your enterprise.


Our core team are Irene Crawshaw and Gillian Crawshaw AGA(SA) who pride themselves on the company’s personalized service with professional results.

In 2012 the IGC Accounting was established when Irene Crawshaw decided to pursue her passion of helping business owners and entrepreneurs by making accounting and related services more accessible and tailored to their business needs.

Irene has over twenty five years of commercial financial management experience and is a testament to the saying “dynamite comes in small packages”. Irene is driven by her fierce work ethic and passion for helping entrepreneurs, business owners and their own people realize their goals and own success.


Gillian joined IGC Accounting in 2017 after being in the professional auditing firm environment for the previous seven years. Her areas of expertise focused on management of the assurance department as the HOD, firm operations, external and internal auditing, advisory, technical and quality control.

Driven by her passion for the accounting field as a whole and her passion for confronting and destroying limiting beliefs so that people can embrace their future, find their purpose and achieve their vision. Gillian strives to break the stereotype of an accounting professional, as it is not just about crunching the numbers, but rather a dedication to helping entrepreneurs, businesses and their own people realize their vision and goals for the future backed with the experience and technical expertise that being an accounting professional provides.

 We have memberships with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and the South African Institute of Taxation Practitioners.


"The service I have received from IGC is unbeatable. The personal touch and one on one attention is absolutely fantastic and I recommend them 100%. If you want service with a personal touch, IGC should be your only choice!"

— Caelee Laing

"ICG Accounting has been a great asset to my business. They assisted me in registering my new business quickly and with minimal effort. They have answered all of my newbie questions with patience and in good detail and have supported me during the financial management as well as TAX periods. I highly recommend IGC Accounting !"

— Zieta Olivier
ZCO Consulting

"When I joined your tax company I was and still am very happy as you take care of everything for me and I don’t have to stress about anything. The good thing is that you provide feedback to your clients and that is what is extremely important to me.

You are efficient and competent in what you do and that makes me as a client feel at ease. "

— - Machoola Zervos